Meet Reg; the Cutest Canadian Candymaker in Niagara Falls

Hidden gem reg's candy kitchen Niagara Falls

Yes, the Niagara Falls are awesome and very impressive, And yes, we had a blast on The Maid of the Mist boat defying the forces of nature. But we were really disappointed to see how large crowds, tourist shops and Las Vegas buildings have taken over this nature’s wonder.

However, amidst all this commercial force we’ve discovered a little hidden gem: Reg’s Candy Kitchen

Reg is a truly modest guy, who’s been making and selling fudge for over 38 years. We were touched by his authenticity and wondered how you can stay so humble after dealing with spoiled, demanding, hasty tourists year after year.

He made a marvelous maple & walnut milkshake and politely explained what an icecream float is. And even though he questioned my choices he served my drink with a smile and secretly chuckled about this silly Dutch girl ordering a Dr. Pepper float with Cookie-dough ice-cream (the’re both my favourites, so don’t blame a girl for trying).

So if you’re visiting Niagara Falls make sure you pay a visit to Reg!
Reg’ Candy Kitchen is located directly under the Rainbow Bridge on the  Canadian side of Niagara Falls


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On board of The Maid of the Mist. We got completely soaked but we’re grinning the whole time!



Sweets from Sluis

artisan candy making

Earlier this year we’ve visited the small and cute Dutch town called Sluis in Zealand. We ran into this sweet shop where they handcraft sweets by pulling sugar.

They have an open workshop and since they had just started a new design we stayed for a while and witnessed a live demo. So cool to watch them make text inside the sweets!

I’ve done some sugar pulling in school myself, but unfortunately not like this. It takes a whole lot of practice (and the heated table helps a lot too :)

Rocks and Rolls Candy

Rocks and Rolls Candy