Media Attention

We are still buzzed up because of our Kickstarter project getting funded and now new exciting things already start happening.

First we have been invited by the local radio station for a visit to the studio and an on air interview. This wil be taking place mid January, so… to be continued!

And later that day we received an announcement from the chief editor of that we have been mentioned as one of Culy’s favourite things! is the largest culinary platform in The Netherlands.

 still internet debby en haar mannen feb 2015


Mojito Mallows Anyone? ;)


We have even reached our stretched goal, so an extra flavour is unlocked: Minty Mojito Mallows.

We have to start thorough research on the taste of this cocktail soon. It’s an awful job, but someone’s got to do it ;)

Kickstarter: Getting Close!!

Yesterday we intended to write an update informing you we had reached 75%, but things were kinda busy and at this moment we are almost hitting 90% !!!

We are super-excited and trying our best to get the project funded. Today we have replaced some project photos for even more yummy looking ones, hoping to persuade more potential backers.

Also we have added some info at the FAQ’s about the possibility to make a pledge for multiple rewards.

Hopefully our next update will be 100%!!!

Kickstarter: 30% Reached + What We Have Been Up To

After 6 days of campaigning we have reached 30 % of our goal!

We are really happy about the support we are getting, but we also realize that we need to step things up with our campaign in order to get the project funded.

Today we have spread our press release widely and are hoping to get some attention by the media (both local & national). Furthermore we intensified our social media actions on Twitter & Facebook and started posting behind-the-scene-pictures on Instagram.

Kickstarter will receive our ‘Making-of’ video shortly, which they hopefully will be sharing. :-)

We strongly believe we can make this happen and we are feeling lucky you want to be a part of it!