Hi guys, sorry to keep you waiting!

packaging and corporate design

Since January has ended and your stomach is craving for mallows, we would like to inform you about the current status:

Last month we made great progress and learned a lot. We had a crazy amount of packaging designs to choose from; it was hard to pick only one :)
At this stage the design is almost finalized and we are in contact with several packaging pro’s struggling to get it produced the way we visualize it.

We will give it another week to improve production and get ready to order the boxes.
As soon as the boxes arrive, we are all set to pop out your yummy Kickstarter Mallows and ship them within days.

Thank you so much for your patience, you are the best!

Live On TV

We had our first radio interview at the local radio station “Omroep West”; which was also broadcasted live on regional television!!

‘Debby en haar Mannen’ (Debby and her guys) is a daily show and every Wednesday the host is accompanied by a well-known national top chef, Pierre Wind. They tasted (and liked!) our mallows and soon everyone else in the studio did; totally approved!

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